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Hurricane Sandy and the Nest Thermostat


Nest Learning Theromostat

Yes, just in case you thought Nest didn't have a connection to Hurricane Sandy, here's one happy owner who leveraged his Nest to help find out what happened to his property in Ocean City, NJ before, during and after the storm.

I installed the Nest in January of 2012... I was an early adopter and clearly love both of them. They've enabled me to keep watch over thermostat abusers that rented our property over the summer and now it helped me track the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

I used it by simply connecting to it periodically throughout Sunday evening and Monday. I was able to see it go offline on Monday around 4PM. The good news about that, is it was long after the island was heavily flooded in the morning high-tide. So, my little Nest told me that all was okay and the house didn't flood to the point of losing power.

At about 4PM on Monday the ? appeared showing that Nest went offline. For me, this was a panicky time, but I'll spare the details. Early Wednesday morning, I began preparations to travel down on Thursday to check on the property. Luckily, however, we had a friend swing by and examine the exterior of the house and told us that everything looked okay. But, still no Nest.

About 7PM on Thursday evening Nest came back online. Showing AUTO-AWAY with an internal humidity of 61% or so. Had the house flooded this would have been much higher. I immediately fired up the system to begin heating the house and get the air circulating. Nest came right on.. and the heat began to warm the property. This told me that 3 primary services to the house are, indeed, working. Gas, Electricity and Cable Internet service.

This is important as I can properly prepare for a trip this weekend.

So, Nest became my 6th sense of what happened to my property during Hurricane Sandy!

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